Perfect Skin Brushing System For Women And Men By ESS

Do you want the Cleanest, Smoothest, Most Radiant Skin Possible? Now, it’s Easy with the Perfect Skin Brushing System by Essential Skin Solutions.

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What It Does:

    • Exfoliates dead skin to promote Cellular Turnover & Collagen Production
    • Exfoliates dried skin from lips to remove chapped flaky skin
    • Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles on Face, Chest, and Hands
    • Preps skin for more effective absorption of toners, serums, and moisturizers
    • Helps prevent ingrown hairs from shaving
    • Preps Skin for Sunless Tanners and Cellulite Treatments g. Cleans Away Dirt, Oil, Acne Causing Germs, & Dead Skin Cells h. Scrubs Out Stubborn Clogged Pores
    • Clarifies skin to reduce Acne Breakouts
    • Dark Spot Corrector for all skin shades & skin types
    • Helps Reduce Acne Scars
    • Reduces Age Spots on Face, Body, and Hands
    • Minimizes Pores, Reduces Skin Redness,

Evens Out Skin Tone More reasons to want it:

  1. Unique ESS Body Brush Gives you clean smooth skin from head to toe
  2. Pumice Stone attachment scrubs rough skin from heels and feet.
  3. Firm Brush creates a deep exfoliation process and removes stubborn dead skin.
  4. Softer Sensitive Brush Can be used by most people daily for fresh skin every day.
  5. Your best skin is easy to get with the Perfect Skin Brushing System.
  6. Waterproof unit can be used in the shower or bath for complete sonic skin exfoliation.
  7. Unit takes 4 AA batteries so you do not have to charge it in between uses.
  8. Sensitive Brush can be used daily for great results every day.
  9. Cleansing Brushes are recommended by leading dermatologists, aestheticians and spa professionals.

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Perfect Skin Brushing System

Essential Skin Solutions Perfect Skin Brushing System

Essential Skin Solutions Perfect Brushing System: Review & How To